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At Manik we give you the possibility to make your own dream catcher. You can choose the colors you need to improve a certain situation, heal a specific area of ​​your body or attract what you want for certain areas of your life. Recent studies and various disciplines around the world confirm the physical and healing properties that manual work has on people

Bring Kit:

- 2 Paints and brush

- Feathers

- Wooden ring

- Tassels, wool, Ribbons and lace  

- Step by Step

- Dream book to activate the dream catcher.

 Average duration: 2-4 hours. Age: From 7 onwards.

Dreamcatcher measurements: 16 cm diameter, 47 cm long.

BLUE KIT: PROTECTION “Believe, trust and feel my protective ray over you. Everything is perfect as it is right now. Always with you."

BEIGE KIT: WISDOM “I transmit wisdom and light to you in the moments that you lose your way. Allow my ray to envelop you and give you the answers necessary for your processes. Remember: you are light at all times. "

MINT KIT: HEALING “I help you heal your wounds and release attachments. Find me in each learning process accompanying you and connecting you with the necessary information to advance. Healing your interior so that it can be seen on the outside. "

KIT FUCHSIA: LOVE “I connect you with your essence and help you to release the light that is in you so that you find love. Watering your interior so that it flourishes and you feel the vibration of connection. "

PURPLE KIT: TRANSFORMATION “Through the learning I accompany you in the transformation process so that you open your wings and expand in light. Helping you to release patterns and discover your true SELF. "