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Location: throat and neck

This is the chakra of communication with ourselves and with others. It helps balance the functioning of the thyroid gland and releases blocked creativity. It aids in avoiding irritation of the throat, shoulder fatigue and stiff necks.

Amber stone heals and clean chakras in general. Bringing vitality to the body, it helps to live in the moment to avoid stress and protects the body from diseases. Suggested Use: 

- Place the dream catcher in a prominent place in your home or work which will be clearly visible both at the start and end of each day.

- Think of a message you want to remember or to express clearly to others

- Visualize the light blue color.

- Take a deep breath, exhale and relax to allow the air flow and the energy of the chakra to enter via the neck and throat.

 Measurements: 13cm diameter, 50cm lenght