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Location: between the eyebrows

This is the chakra of intuition, visual perception, imagination and clairvoyance. It is called the "third eye" because it helps to recognize the hidden meaning and the forces behind situations. It can recognize the right thing and helps prevent migraines, nightmares, hallucinations, eye cataracts, sinusitis and bruxism.

Red Coral stone combats envy, the evil eye and negative energies. It is a symbol of fertility.

Suggested Use: 

-     Place the dream catcher in a prominent place in your home or work which will be clearly visible both at the start and end of each day.

-Think of an area in your life in which you would like to see improvement.

-Visualize the color indigo.

-Take a deep breath, exhale and relax to allow the air flow and energy of the chakra to go through your eyes and the whole area around the eyebrows.

 Measurements: 19cm diameter, 25cm lenght.