At Manik we give you the possibility to manufacture your own TURKISH PROTECTIVE EYE IN MACRAME.

The Turkish eye is known as the amulet of protection against bad energies; it symbolizes the main source of light, that which watches over and protects everything we wish to protect.

Recent studies and various disciplines around the world confirm the physical and healing properties that manual work has on people.

At Manik, we bring you closer to protecting your home and life with this collection.

Bring Kit:

-Eye in ceramic


- Step by Step    

Average duration: 2-3 hours.

Age: From 8 onwards.

Measurements: 9 cm diameter, 42cm long.    

BLUE COLOR: PROTECTION, sign of good karma, coming from the water, source of tranquility and serenity.

MINT COLOR: Related to nature, it symbolizes hope and personal growth.

RED COLOR: Related to love, the color of energy, power and determination, as well as passion and desire. and scare away bad vibes.